This weekend was all about food and friends. New friends, old friends and friends we haven’t met yet.  And I will warn you now…our language can get a little salty.

Saturday was all about friends. Great people I love spending time with. When we all get together, you can’t help but laugh, drink and eat. I especially like the last part.

New friend – Amy is a very bubbly, happy person who shares a passion (read: obsession) with my wife…The Killers. Jen and Amy met online at thekillersmusic.com.  After chatting online for awhile, they decided to meet. She turned out to be normal. Nice. And she likes cheese!  She even knew what chutney was.  So I made her and Jen a grilled ham and cheese on crostini with schiracha mustard. I peeled and sectioned an orange (a la supreme) and added some white wine vinegar to it to cut the sweetness. Both Jen and Amy enjoyed it. At least they said they did.

Old friends – Chris, Amy, Matt, Ruby (Melissa), Jon and Danielle – When we get together, I can’t help but smile. Chris and Jon like to eat anything that once lived, Danielle will eat anything that didn’t live, Amy eats anything, Matt will eat (or drink) anything that he has fermented himself and Melissa pretty much goes with the flow. We had some great food. Chris made some awesome guacamole (sans cilantro), mini meatballs with soy ginger or s&s dipping sauce and quesadilla. Add pigs in blankets (requested by his twin girls) and you have a feast.  Melissa made some Toll House Cookie bars which my kids ate lovingly.  I made some puff pastry squares stuffed with tarragon chicken, shallots and pears. I also made some crostini with prosciutto, asparagus and shallot vinaigrette.  Both came out pretty good. The language did get a bit out of hand and was pretty salty… but that was to be expected.

New Friends – Both Melissa and Danielle are expecting. We are so excited to meet these kids. Danielle is due in a few weeks…Melissa has a little longer to wait. People say good friends are hard to come by…I disagree because we have them around us all the time.

Goodnight, Travel Well and as my friend Steve would say “I am going to eat my face off”.

editors note:  Steve is stuck in an airport tonight  – ultimately on his way to a TV shoot in Santa Monica. God I miss craft services.

Prosciutto and Asparagus Crostini (recipe coming soon)
Tarragon Chicken and Pear Puff Pastry (recipe coming soon)


Day One

I am officially starting my food blog today. What it will contain? I have no idea. But I like to cook and eat healthy food. We shall see.